Sophia Dias's Transmutation Jumpsuit

Sophia Dias Shares The Transmutation Jumpsuit

Sophia Dias, the designer of the highlighted work Transmutation by Sophia Dias demonstrates, Unrelated to trends in fashion Homs Arthaus has a vision and philosophy of their own. The design is inspired by diversity contrasts and confrontations. Art i <Cropped>

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American International School of Gz-School by Vantree Design and Pearl River Design

Vantree Design and Pearl River Design Portrays The American International School of Gz School

Vantree Design and Pearl River Design, the creator of the awarded design SCHOOL:American International School of GZ by Vantree Design and Pearl River Design explains, The design project of AISG includes the renovation of 499 halls, music rooms, artis <Cropped>

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Architecture-Hotel:hotel Indigo Hong Kong Island by Aedas

Aedas Portrays The Hotel Indigo Hong Kong Island Architecture-Hotel

Aedas, the maker of the award winning project Architecture - Hotel by Aedas points out, Some of the most fulfilling designs are those embedded and contextualised in their local culture. It was the designer’s intent from the outset to reflect, in th <Cropped>

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Philip Stroomberg's The Cube Calendar Calendar

Philip Stroomberg Discloses The The Cube Calendar Calendar

Philip Stroomberg, the lead designer of the displayed design The Cube Calendar - Calendar by Philip Stroomberg explicates, “With this beautiful design-calendar, Philip Stroomberg has added an innovative twist to the concept of the tear-off calendar <Cropped>

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Award Winning Empty Parts Hair Salon

Jien-An Lai Spotlights The Empty Parts Hair Salon

Jien-An Lai, the lead designer of the highlighted project Hair Salon by Jien-An Lai illustrates, Everyone has a variety of hairstyles, and they actually provide a way to record people's lives, whenever people see their hair in the old photos, <Cropped>

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Pulse Pavilion-Interactive Installation by József Gergely Kiss

József Gergely Kiss Demonstrates The Pulse Pavilion Interactive Installation

József Gergely Kiss, the author of the award winning project Pulse Pavilion by József Gergely Kiss spells out, The Pulse Pavilion is an interactive installation that unites light, colours, movement and sound in a multisensory experience. On the o <Cropped>

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Residential Apartment by Eric Tam

Eric Tam Exhibits The The Ultra Modernism Residential Apartment

Eric Tam, the creative mind behind the award winning design Residential apartment by Eric Tam spells out, Our client is French who is accustomed to simple and comfortable life which is total different from the busy crowded city life in Macau. Hence <Cropped>

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Future Cap Challenge

Pelliconi and Desall Invite You to Suggest Innovative Concepts For a New Easy-open Cap, Attentive to Design and User Experience, With The Aim of Creating a Funny and Interactive Product.future Cap Challenge New Product Design Contest On Pel

Pelliconi and desall invite you to suggest innovative concepts for a new easy-open cap, attentive to design and user experience, with the aim of creating a funny and interactive product.Future cap challenge new product design contest on <Cropped>

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Vinicius Lopes and Gabriela Kuniyoshi's Spot Multifunctional Sofa

Vinicius Lopes and Gabriela Kuniyoshi Discloses The Spot Multifunctional Sofa

Vinicius Lopes and Gabriela Kuniyoshi, the project leader of the highlighted project Multifunctional Sofa by Vinicius Lopes and Gabriela Kuniyoshi points out, Conceived from the perception of the new ways of using space and the new habits of the cont <Cropped>

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Fallen Bird by Triangles in (e)motion André Verroken

Triangles in (e)motion André Verroken Shows The Fallen Bird Low Table

Triangles in (E)motion André Verroken, the maker of the highlighted work Fallen Bird - Low Table by Triangles in (E)motion André Verroken explicates, Just like Immanuel Kant, I start from an aesthetic idea that give my work its soul. I follow ever <Cropped>

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